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Promotion + Reveals


How does your company announce big news like sales contests, trips, events, and destinations?

If you're just sending a plain email, or mentioning it in a meeting, it's not big news. Big news always needs an appropriate container. That's how everyone knows it's big news.

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[slide-right]People infer a lot from how someone or something arrives. Important things usually arrive in important containers.[/slide-right]


Think FedEx, presents, and private jets.

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Okay, let's see some "big news."


I. Hotel Reveal + Promotion for Sales Incentive Trip

The client said, "We want a big turnout. Give us something to get the sales force completely fired up about qualifying for this hotel and this trip." See if it makes you want to qualify.

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Let's do one more.


II. Qualifier Name Reveal

Extending the Rock and Roll theme, here's the format we used for revealing the names of people who qualified for the trip. 

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"Guess what happened at work today."

A professional, hosted video from Ad Ease plays on any device, any time, so it's easy to share your big news with the people who matter most.

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How do you keep the energy flowing after your big reveal? Promote, promote, promote.


Corporate incentive promotional campaign. 6" x 9" postcards mailed directly to homes.


Are you under-selling your big announcements?
Let us give them all the fanfare they deserve.


[fade]Dramatically increase the impact of your announcements

Creative solutions developed by advertising professionals

Created with our designs or your existing branding

Turn-key video solutions, including private, branded hosting on-line

Complete promotional campaigns for print, video, or digital distribution

Music tracks licensed from leading Hollywood music libraries

Comps and rough edits provided for approval every step of the way

Promo and reveal concepts to fit any challenge or budget

Full tracking and reporting of traffic, plays, and finishes[/fade]