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For those reasons and more, we choose Bulletins.

Bulletins are 14 feet tall and 48 feet wide, or about 75 times larger than a 55" television. In many markets, they're the largest advertising you can buy. We use them because they're always on, they're amazingly efficient, and the only way to block them is with your hand.


How can something so large cost so little? 

Bulletins reach large audiences very quickly, and do it more efficiently than other media.

Avg. Cost to Reach 1,000 People (CPM)


[fade]Bulletins offer the largest imagery and audience sizes second only to TV

Bulletins are the most efficient way to advertise in paid mass media

We develop instant-read headlines matched with attention grabbing visuals

Complete services from comps to production-ready files

Complete media and placement plans for a single or multi-board campaign

Fifteen years of outdoor expertise in more than a dozen different markets[/fade]