The Name Badge:

The most misunderstood
piece of event collateral.

What the heck is going on with name badges? We attend some events as guests, and at a single event, we'll see beautiful, branded directional signs, and sharp, colorful collateral, even a slick meeting app. But when we get to registration, they hand us a plain white name badge set in a plain black font. Huh?

Great looking collateral, stark, plain name badges. This does not add up. Are name badges not event collateral? Or are they just not important? Here are three reasons we say they're both.

Collateral Damage

Karl always looks sharp, and his name badge doesn't detract from that.

Karl always looks sharp, and his name badge doesn't detract from that.

1. Total Impressions (looks)

This is simply the total number of times someone looks at something. Pieces that receive a lot of looks, through simple repetition, will have a stronger influence on your event brand. At a 100-person event, the name badge design generates thousands of impressions every day. And when you think about it, what collateral gets more looks?

2. It's actually apparel.

Name badges are the only collateral you tell someone to wear. All day. And sometimes to dinner. In fact, that name badge may be their most prominent accessory. How does it make them look?

3. People save them.

Name badges are uniquely personal items; they have the potential to become a long lasting, memory-invoking souvenir, quite possibly on display in your participant's office or work area. The better it looks, the better for you.

So let's wrap up. Any piece of collateral that's apparel, a mobile billboard for your brand, and a potential souvenir, is definitely important. If you're not fully branding your name badges, you're missing out on one of the most powerful tools in the entire event branding box.


Besides, no one forgets to wear these.


Ad Ease makes full color, full bleed, souvenir-caliber name badges,
with your event branding or our designs.


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Letter spacing for every name is inspected and corrected by hand

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Badge Hot Line services for extra badge files during reg packet assembly and registration

Get PDF proofs prior to printing

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