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General Session Production


We set the stage for your great sessions.


There's a lot on the line at a large group gathering like a General Session, and there's only once chance to get it right. That's why Ad Ease is an excellent partner for producing large group meetings. We help you maximize the value of walk-in, create environments, use your lighting, projection and sound to their fullest potential, and get every ounce of energy out of your investment.


Large Session Services


AV + Technology

We consult and manage everything (see our AV + Technology page for more)

Technical Scripts

Every music, lighting, presenter, and content cue for the session

Cue Cards

5" x 8" cards printed for presenters with anything from notes and pronunciations to the entire script

PowerPoint Production

We create beautiful images for walk-in, breaks, and to bolster presentations

PowerPoint Smoothing

Unify different presenter's slides by matching fonts, colors, and styles


We handle prompters and coach presenters on establishing a smooth, prompter-friendly pace

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Walk-In Production

We can't wait to start.

If you have a screen, or lights, or sound, we put them to work from the moment the doors open. We play footage. Or show gorgeous destination photos. Or show inspirational quotes submitted by the group, set to stock photos - that was a good one. And of course, we integrate any messaging, sponsor recognition, or reminders you want the group to see.

We do it all to great music that builds as the session start time gets closer. By the time your presenters take the stage, the audience is already staring at the screens, very "settled in" and ready to get serious.

A small sample of our walk-in imagery

Speaker Management

We track, manage, and prep speakers and their assets, before and during the event

Audience Response (ARS)

Audience response services for instant polling and testing

Rehearsal + Green Room Coordination

We manage presenters, their presentations, and the clock


Special music, dance or talent performances to fit your goals and your audience. Or you can just hypnotize everyone.

Alternative Seating

Turn the ballroom into a lounge, a coffee house, or even a gymnasium. (Cheerleaders sold separately.)