Ad Ease has helped shape our incentive programs into what they are - perfectly branded, beautifully produced events we're proud to own.
Patty Wolfe, Officer, Sun Life

Their creativity, ideas, and passion for producing great work make them incredibly valuable to me and my staff. 

All I know is anything I ask for, they do, and they do it exactly like they should. No matter what I ask for, it's just yes. I'm completely spoiled.
Dr. Alvin Dubin, CEO, American Osteopathic Colleges of Opthalmology & Otolaryngology

For a session with a Planetary theme, they created a digital countdown clock for the trade show floor, and then simulated a countdown and rocket launch as part of walk-in leading up to the session. Great ideas that added tons of energy to the proceedings.

Eric and his team are rock stars. The scripts, presentations, and videos they've created for our sales meetings more engaging and more successful.
Marc Warrington, Director of Field Sales, Sun Life

Everything changed when we handed our marketing to Ad Ease. That is no exaggeration.
David Nicoletti, Pharmacy Owner

I love taking credit for the great words Ad Ease puts in my mouth.

They've helped with almost every facet of our business. They are business partners we would not be without.

The design they came up with for our delivery vehicles became a thing of local legend. People would actually make our drivers roll the windows down so they could tell them how cool they thought the graphic was.
Araceley Garalgo, Store Manager

Several people from the neighborhood called and said, "You better not ever take that billboard down."
Julie Capper, Pharmacist 

People routinely repeat our tagline to us, and tell us how much they like it. It's the most powerful piece of marketing we've ever invested in.
Dan Lacey, Store Owner

Ad Ease got to know our business on a very intricate level before they suggested a thing.

Our staff is proud to work here in part because of our image in the city. We are the leaders, everyone knows it, and that's because of Ad Ease.
Denise, Pharmacy Manager